Top 5 Best Robotics Kits for Middle School Students

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We’ve selected five of the best robotics kits available for middle school students. If your child has an interest in STEM (or if you do, and you wish they were more interested 😉), thankfully there are some great robotics kits available online. They will encourage your tween to early teen to learn through play. Robotics is a fast-paced, ever-growing field with a wide variety of jobs available. During middle school, there is an opportunity for kids to start exploring their pre-vocational interests more deeply. It might be too early to focus heavily on the future and what kind of career your child wants to have. However, the seeds are often sewn for lifelong interests at this age. Exposing them to educational and enjoyable activities can help them find their passion, and facilitate a conversation with you about that. Also, putting things together, seeing how the mechanics work, and watching your robot come to life is super fun at any age!

These robot kits are the perfect gift or rainy day activity to inspire learning and cultivate knowledge. Both girls and boys today have highly lucrative career options ahead of them, designing and building robots. Using STEM-related toys with your child encourages them to think analytically, problem solve, create, and have a fun time while playing. For middle school students aspiring to be one of those engineers, these robotics kits are a wonderful way to foster that love.

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Fun Robot Building Set and Educational Coding Kit for Kids, Award-Winning STEM Learning Toy (847 Pieces)

After detailed study, our pick of the bunch is the LEGO Boost kit – it’s such a great STEM toy for any child! However, every child is different and every parent has different constraints to work with. So, read on for our list of the top five best robotics kits on the market for your middle school student.

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Sillbird STEM 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toys -190 Pieces DIY Building Science Experiment Kit for Kids Aged 8-10 and Older,Solar Powered by The Sun

Our first recommendation is the 12-in-1 Education Solar Robot Toy from Stillbird. This kit allows your child to create twelve unique robots with just a single kit. It provides hours of entertainment for a great price – ideal for beginner robotics enthusiasts! We recommend this kit from early middle school, however, each robot has a different level of complexity, so it grows with your child’s ability. 

This kit is also solar-powered, which will add another layer of science to the experience. They will learn more about robotics while exploring renewable energy sources, which is a hot topic in the world today. There are guides included for each robot, but with 190 pieces, your child could also design variations on the robots from their own imagination.

4M Tin Can Robot - DIY Science Construction STEM Toy for Kids & Teens - Boys & Girls Educational Mechanical Science & Engineering, Robotics

Our next robot kit for the junior high school student is the 4M Tin Can Robot. All you need to provide is an empty can and the fun can begin! Not only is the final product adorable, but it also helps teach about recycling. While this robotics kit is suitable for even the younger kids, we feel that it also makes for a fun and inexpensive project for middle school students.

Making this robot can inspire your son or daughter to think outside the box about designing other robots from recycled materials. It is also customizable, so there are plenty of opportunities to make the tin can robot uniquely their own. 

LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Fun Robot Building Set and Educational Coding Kit for Kids, Award-Winning STEM Learning Toy (847 Pieces)

The third robotics kit on our list comes from educational toy powerhouse, LEGO. It is the Boost Creative Toolbox Robot Building Set and Educational Coding Kit, which allows your child to build and rebuild almost any robot their heart desires. The LEGO Boost kit also introduces coding into the picture, which is a crucial skill for young robotics engineers to develop.

This award-winning toy comes with an app to download onto a phone or tablet, to keep the fun and learning going once the robot is built. There are so many things the robot is able to do, such as interact with you and even dance! Don’t you just love an open-ended, creativity-expanding toy?!

OWI - Dodeca 12-In-1 Solar Hydraulic Robot Kit | 12 Configuration Possible | Powered by the Sun | Great STEM Product

Our fourth recommendation of a robotics kit for your middle schooler is the Dodeca 12-In-1 Solar Hydraulic Robot Kit by OWI. There are two modes of the robot that can be built with this robot kit: automotive or animal mode. There are twelve distinct robots that can be built within those modes. 

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Because it relies on solar power, the energy source is free! Introducing a hydraulic power transmission into the picture adds mechanical engineering element to this versatile robot. This is a perfect kit for an early teen robotics engineer.

4M Green Science Solar Robot Kit - Green Energy Robotics, Eco-Engineering - STEM Toys Educational Gift for Kids & Teens, Girls & Boys

The fifth and final product on our list of the best robotics kits for junior high school kids is the Green Science Solar Robot Kit, also from 4M. This robot can be taught how to perform simple tasks and is an ideal tool for teaching real-world robotics applications. 

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Once assembled, this robot walks and moves using solar power. Not only is this impressive, but green, renewable energy sources are a hot topic in the STEM community. We’ll be relying on this younger generation to continue developing better sustainable energy options into the future!

What Robotics Kit is Right for my Middle School-Aged Child?

Middle school students busy with robotics kit

Would you agree that STEM toys like these robotics kits are better than other styles of toys or gadgets? STEM toys are an investment, especially if you are aiming to support and nurture your kid’s learning! If you’re not sure, or budget is a major limiting factor, try the Tin Can Robot – it’s suitable for any budget! But, if you really want to be amazed at what your kid can do with a toy, you can’t go wrong with the LEGO Boost set! Check out the video above and just imagine the look of accomplishment on your child’s face when they do something similar!

We hope you’ll give some of these robotics kits a try with your middle schooler(s). For more gift and activity kit ideas at the older end of this age range, check out our list of STEM toys for teens. And as always, happy learning!

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