Our list of the best stem toys for 2017

What are STEM Toys?

The concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) are essential in a world dominated by big tech companies. Technological progression is rendering more and more jobs obsolete but, in stark contrast, STEM jobs are predicted to grow 17% over the next decade. It is essential that you give your kids a head start in order to be successful in this rapidly changing world. Not only for job security, but because STEM jobs earn more on average!

STEM toys are educational toys that encourage kids to use their brains while playing. They stimulate the development of motor skills, lateral thinking and problem solving. From learning to code and building your own video games, to growing crystals and exploring microscopes, to constructing your own cars, planes and more. They are the perfect way to tear your kids away from iPad’s, Xbox’s and Playstations and teach them some valuable life skills. So what are you waiting for? Read on for our top 10 best STEM toys 2017.

STEM jobs earn more on average

1. Anki Cozmo Review

  • Best for Learning: Coding & Robotics.

  • Recommended Age: 8+ years.

  • Price: $179.99.

[last updated: 05/06/17]

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Cozmo is our number one coding toys for adults

Cozmo is our hottest pick and undoubtedly one of the best STEM toys 2017. Released in late 2016, Cozmo is an artificial intelligence (AI) robot that evolves the more you interact with him. The more you play, the more he learns and adapts to develop his own unique personality. Packed with hundreds of emotions and voice tones, it’s easy to forget that he isn’t alive – especially when he calls your name!

Download the app and play games with Cozmo to unlock new skills, moves and modes. Anki also provide regular updates to keep things fresh, but the Cozmo Software Development Kit (SDK) is where things really get interesting. This extension allows you to write your own software for Cozmo, to create almost any experience imaginable! Anki provide 10 tutorial scripts to get things started, but the rest is up to you. Teach Cozmo to sing scales, turn on smart lights or even to Tweet! The Cozmo SDK provides hours of fun, but also teaches your kids one of the most relevant skills of the 21st century. To find out more about learning to code with Cozmo, see our list of the best STEM toys for coding.

Download the cozmo app to play games and unlock new things!

2. Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Kit Review

  • Best for learning: Electronics & Circuits.

  • Recommended age: 7+ years.

  • Price: $20.99.

[last updated: 05/06/17]

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This is a great STEM toy for boys to learn electronics

The multi-award winning electronics kit from Snap Circuits has to come in as another one of the best STEM toys 2017. With over 100 exciting projects included, this set will give your kid a foundation in how electrical circuits function. It includes 30 snap together parts which are easily fitted to the circuit board to give a hands-on experience of how electrical components work together. Whats more, there are loads of expansions for those looking to step things up. It’s a valuable part of a rounded STEM curriculum and not one to be missed this year!

3. Scientific Mind Blowing Science Kit Review

  • Best for learning: Basic Science Principles and Safe

  • Recommended age: 4 – 8 years.

  • Price: $23.99.

[last updated 05/06/17]

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this is the best stem toy for boys to learn science principles

Based on the Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS) program pioneered at UC Berkley’s Lawrence Hall of Science, this starter chemistry kit is perfect for budding young scientists who want to do some cool experiments outside the classroom. It comes with all the chemicals and equipment needed to learn the basics, such as the difference between acids and bases or using a pipette & test tube. With 11 awesome experiments including erupting a color-changing volcano, growing cystals and creating a sunset in a test tube, this kit is bound to get your kids excited about science!

4. OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot Review

  • Best for learning: Mechanical Engineering & Robotics.

  • Recommended age: 8 – 15 years.

  • Price: $28.99. You Save: $4.15 (13%).

[last updated 05/06/17]

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This innovative kit is great for teaching kids about robotics and renewable energy

Want your kid to get a job at Tesla Motors? Give them a head start with the 14-in-1 Solar Robot by OWI. This ingenious kit allows you to build 14 different robots all powered by solar (no annoying batteries)! Similar to K-Nex, you can fit the pieces together and then disassemble them with ease to make something new. The kit also includes beginner and advanced guides to suit all ages. With renewable energy playing such a big role in our future, there’s no better way to give your kids an understanding of the basics behind these technologies.

5. My First Lab Duo-Microscope Review

  • Best for learning: Microbiology & Intermediate Microscopy.

  • Recommended age: 7+ years.

  • Price: $63.99

[last updated 05/06/17]

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This microscope is one of our favorite STEM toys for tweens to develop science skills

No top STEM toy list would be complete without a microscope, so we’ve found the best value one on the market. The great thing about My First Lab’s is that it’s so much more than just a toy. This real, lab-grade microscope includes lenses with 40x, 100x and 400x magnification!

It has the power to turn normal day to day things into something awesome and exciting. Take a strand of hair to reveal its crazy crystalline structure or check out spongy skin cells. Coming with over 50 accessories, the Duo-Scope will have you and your kids amazed whilst learning valuable microscopy skills.

6. Piper Computer Building Kit Review

  • Best for learning: Coding,
    Electrical Engineering, Computing.

  • Recommended age: 8 – 13 years.

  • Price: $299.

[last updated 05/06/17]

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the piper build your own computer kit is one of the best stem toys for teaching kids about computing

Endorsed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, this kit comes with everything you need to build your own simple computer and learn the basics of programming. The beautiful, hand-crafted wooden computer case assembles like a puzzle piece, with easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through assembling the computers hardware. Next, Piper’s revolutionary learning system will teach your kid coding and electronic engineering with an engaging story line based on a Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft. Kids can then experiment with the code to create custom games!

But this isn’t just a toy! It’s fitted out with some high spec hardware including a HD LCD display, 1GB RAM, 1200 MHz Quad­Core CPU + tons of accessories. It’s also WIFI enabled so you can download expansions! The Piper Computer kit lets your kid tinkle with computer hardware and coding, something which Wozniak said “represents what enabled me to do all the great technology things in my life”. It’s easy to see why it made our best STEM toys 2017 list.

7. Lego Mindstorms EV3 Review

  • Best for learning: Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Coding.

  • Recommended age: 10+ years.

  • Price: $349.95

[last updated 05/06/17]

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The revolutionary Lego mindstorms is our number 1 best robotics kit for adults in 2017

If you want to set your kids on a path toward a career in mechanical engineering, LEGO is a great place to start. The classic pieces are super easy to fit together, with models varying in difficulty from tens of pieces to thousands. However, even the most complex of models still features LEGO’s signature easy-to-follow instructions.

The LEGO Mindstorms set is a new addition, but has been incredibly popular, allowing you to build and programme your own robots. The set includes instructions for 5 robots, but you can also download tons of builds developed by fans from the LEGO website! Learn to programme them with intuitive, icon based drag and drop software for PC/Mac, or download the App for smart devices. The set comes with over 550 LEGO Technic elements, including the revolutionary EV3 brick with its powerful ARM9 processor. With top spec hardware and great software for learning to code, the Mindstorms set is a must have on our best STEM toys 2017 list! If you wan’t to know more about learning to code with Lego Mindstorms, see our list of the best STEM toys for coding.

8. K’NEX 100 Model Building Set Review

  • Best for learning: Mechanical Engineering.

  • Recommended age: 7+ years.

  • Price: $49.99.

[last updated 05/06/17]

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k'nex is a classic engineering toy

When it comes to STEM toys which help foster engineering skills, K’NEX are a household name. Signature ‘snap fit’ pieces join easily together and can be reassembled endless times, making K’NEX the perfect step up from LEGO. You can combine rods and connectors with moving parts to create all manner of models – from vehicles to buildings to Ferris wheels.

The 860 piece set comes with clear instructions for 100 models, but the versatility of K’NEX allows your kid to build whatever their imagination can conjure! This toy promotes the kind of lateral thinking skills critical for a career in engineering, and our best STEM toys 2017 list would not be complete without it.

9. Meccano Meccasaur Review

  • Best for learning: Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, Coding.

  • Recommended age: 10+ years.

  • Price: $39.98. You Save: $60.01 (60%)

[last updated 05/06/17]

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Similar to K’NEX, Meccano sets are also a top STEM toy for developing engineering skills. Easy to fit together parts make assembly easy, however models can include more complicated parts like motors and electrical components. As such, Mechano is a great progression from K’NEX and will have your kids well on their way to becoming engineers.

One of Meccano’s hottest toys this year is the Meccasaur – a giant, robotic dinosaur. Easy to follow instructions guide you through building and programming your new pet, which you can then interact with. You can ask him questions, pet him and he even stomps around! The great thing about this set is that it teaches both engineering and coding skills, which is why we’ve rated it one of the best STEM toys 2017.

10. Etses Build Your Own Rocket Kit Review

  • Best for learning: Rocket Building.

  • Recommended age: 10+, adult supervision under 12.

  • Price: $10 – $50.

[last updated 05/06/17]

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this build your own rocket kit is an exciting new stem toy

Want your kid to get a job at the iconic Space X? Well get them started with a build your own rocket kit, and there’s no better than Estes. Taking about a day to build, the rockets rely on real engines to reach heights of up to 1200 ft! They then drift back down to earth using a built in parachute, but engines can be bought separately so you can reuse your rocket. Estes make tons of models with different designs and height limits, so you can choose whatever suits you best!

Summary of the Best STEM Toys for 2017

You may have read through that list and thought a lot of the toys were quite expensive, and you’d be right. Modern STEM toys tend to involve robotics and electrical components, which can be costly. However, if they inspire your kids there’s no telling where it could lead! You may also have thought they were a little to complicated or just not right for your child. If that’s the case, check out our best STEM toys for infants, toddlers or girls.

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