Best Science Kits for 11 Year Olds
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Best Science Kits for 11 Year Olds | Get Your Tween Into STEM

Eleven-year-olds are well-groomed and have sharp minds that help them tackle complex problems easily. When it comes to science-related toys and experiments, kids at this age require minimum parental support and guidance.

So for Christmas or their birthday, choosing one of the much-celebrated science kits for 11-year-olds is a wise option.

You just can't go wrong, nor will you risk anything.

The reason why we recommend science kits or STEM toys is that these toys help your child polish their creativity.

And since your child is already learning advanced science concepts, science kits will enable them to perform hands-on activities.

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Science Kits for 11 Year Olds 2021

Thames & Kosmos Physics Workshop

Thames & Kosmos Physics Workshop
A hands-on activity set that helps introduce advanced concepts like centripetal force.

There are only a handful of toy manufacturers that sells physics kits.

So when Thames & Kosmos launched this amazing science kit, it gained popularity instantly.

Thames & Kosmos Physics Workshop helps 11-year-olds learn fundamental physics laws. From building simple machines such as a fixed pulley, your kid will go all the way up to building complex machines like pendulum clocks.

This hands-on activity set is also the perfect way to introduce advanced concepts like centripetal force and work in a fun and engaging manner.

Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing

Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing
An awesome kit that will teach your tween about the structure and geometry of crystals.

Adults and children alike have always had an innate fascination with crystals. Your 11-year-old will absolutely love the opportunity to get their hands on something related to crystals!

The Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing Kit will teach your tween about the structure and geometry of crystals. This wonderful toy isn’t just going to teach them the theory.

On the contrary. Rather than explaining to them how crystals work, they will teach them to grow them!

That's what I call “show, not tell” in education. With a total of 15 different experiments to choose from, your kids stand to learn a lot from this science kit and have so much fun at the same time!

Thames & Kosmos Chem C2000 V 2.0

Thames & Kosmos Chem C2000 V 2.0
This kit allows kids to perform up to 250 awesome chemistry experiments.

Thames & Kosmos continues to impress with its lineup of science kits.

One of the most popular fields of study when it comes to science is chemistry. A lot of children develop interest in this field because of all the cool experiments they see on popular media. So how about giving your 11-year-old something they can use to learn actual chemistry and enjoy it?

The Thames & Kosmos Chem C2000 V2.0 is the third edition of their popular chemistry kit that will allow them to experiment with proteins, eggs, honey, starch, sugar, and calcium. They can perform up to 250 different experiments with this kit including an experiment to write with invisible ink. Now, that is going to be interesting.

If your kiddo is into chemistry, make sure to check out our article on the best chemistry kits!

Thames & Kosmos Biology Genetics and DNA

Thames & Kosmos Biology Genetics and DNA
A kit that lets your little scientist isolate and learn more about DNA from a tomato.

It's a well-known fact that Thames & Kosmos has the best science kits when it comes to 11-year-olds. And parents and kids who used their products think so, too!

So those interested in tinkling with biology will definitely enjoy the Biology Genetics & DNA kit by Thames & Kosmos. This cool science kit can allow your little scientist to isolate and learn more about the DNA from a tomato. Your kid can even learn to build simple DNA models, and find out how genetic traits are expressed!

If you know a child who is quite interested in the field of biology at a young age, we think this is the perfect gift to help them get the basics about biology, cell components, chromosomes, and DNA at a very young age.

Why Should You Buy Science Kits for 11-Year-Olds?

Best Science Kits for 11 Year Olds

At the age of 11, when children are in higher classes, learning can be a bit difficult. Kids find it hard to read academic books and learn new concepts. In comparison to learning the definition of the centripetal force, as mentioned before, it is easier to see the working of the force itself.

This way, kids would understand more about the concept easily and retain the information for the long term.

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