Top 5 Awesome Learning Toys for a 5-Year-Old Boy

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Toys are made to produce hours upon hours of engaging activities for our children. However, toys can also be useful tools for early childhood education. Kids should be able to play and have fun while stimulating creativity. Speaking of which, if we had to pick just one educational toy that we think any 5-year-old boy would love, it has to be the VATOS Building kit – there’s no limit to what he could build! However, every child is different, and a different STEM toy may be better for your boy. So parents, here are some amazing learning toys for a five-year-old boy to choose from:

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VATOS STEM Building Toys 165 Piece Learning Toy Kit Educational Construction Engineering Fun Building Block Set for boys age 4- 5 6 7 8 9 Year Old Boys & Girls Best Birthday Christmas Gift for Kids

Boys love to create and build things. They are so proud of the things that they make that they don’t even realize all the skills that they are learning at the same time they are playing. It’s incredible!

VATOS STEM Building Block Set promotes intellectual and cognitive development and provides your child to design all kinds of creations, from simple to complex vehicles. Each piece is 100% non-toxic, so your little engineer is safe from lead, BPA and phthalates. 

Marble Run Set 105 Pcs - Construction Building Blocks Toys Game for 4 5 6 7 Year Old Boys Girls Kids

Teach them the basics of problem solving and engineering with BeebeeRun’s Marble Run. This 105-piece toy set that turns regular, everyday marbles into experiments with gravity and speed. 

Nurture your young physicist by providing them with the tools to build new, adventurous racetracks for an exciting playtime. What’s more, building sets like this one teach spatial and pattern recognition!

Snap Circuit'S Beginner, Electronics Exploration Kit, Stem Kit For Ages 5-9

Electricity powers pretty much everything we do, and to the young mind, it seems like magic that they can flip a switch to turn on the lights. Snap Circuits Beginner Electronics Exploration Kit teaches them how electricity works so that they too can create that magic. 

This 14-piece set can create 20 variations of safe electrical fun and introduces problem solving and the importance of following the directions. With kid-friendly and easy-to-follow instructions, this is an ideal introduction to studying electricity.

Take Apart Toys with Electric Drill | Converts to Remote Control Car | 3 in one Construction Truck Take Apart Toy for Boys | Gift Toys for Boys 3,4,5,6,7 Year Olds | Kids Stem Building Toy

Boys love taking stuff apart, and you’d probably rather have your child take apart a toy that is meant to be ‘dissected’ rather than, say, your vacuum cleaner. 

Keep kids engaged and learning with STEM boxes!

Keep the kids learning and having fun with engaging activities. No need to brainstorm ideas or hunt for materials – it’s all done for you!

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By taking things apart, children learn how objects are made and put together. Learning the principles of design allows them to then come up with ways to put things together in new ways. That’s when the Top Race Take Apart Toys with Electric Drill comes in. It encourages the next generation of engineers and scientists to learn at an early age how to make things to help us all. 

This kit comes with a toy drill that turns into the remote control that powers the toys. There are three different trucks your son can build and play with, all while learning about mechanics and engineering.

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Shifu Plugocount - Math Game with Stories & Puzzles - Ages 5-10 - STEM Toy | Augmented Reality Based Cool Math Games for Boys & Girls (App Based)

The final toy on this list is designed to teach math, an important component in any STEM field. Shifu Math Game with Stories & Puzzles is an AR-powered learning game that teaches your child mathematics with fun stories and activities. Simply plug in a tablet to the device, unfold the game mat and use the game pieces to further develop your child’s mathematic skills!

Are you now thinking of buying (more) learning toys for your boy?

We sure hope so! If you haven’t yet, we have lots of other recommendations for you. We hop you liked some of the learning toys above and that you’re considering one or more for your five-year-old boy. Of course, we’ve also created many other articles to help you choose STEM Toys that are fun and educational for any age. For instance, here’s our list based on age and another based on subject.

Good luck and have fun watching him develop!

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