STEM Toys Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal List for 2018

STEM toys are great educational toolkits for kids and adults alike to learn the fundamentals of science, technology, engineering and math. Through fun and interactive challenges, projects and builds, you can develop valuable skills such as coding, design and more. However, whilst a lot of STEM toys are certainly cutting edge, this can come at a price due to technology that is expensive to develop. Luckily, Black Friday falls just before Christmas, so is a perfect time to pick up STEM toys at a discount! Read on for our Black Friday STEM toy deal list for 2018.

STEM Toy Black Friday Sale Watch
We’ll be listing any STEM toy Black Friday discounts we find right here, so return nearer the time for updates. Otherwise, check out our predictions below for 2018.

Anki Cozmo Robot


$149.99 $179.99
18 new from $149.99
13 used from $109.01
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Last update was in: May 20, 2019 4:16 pm

The cozmo robot from Anki is a house favorite here at STEM Toy Expert and the top pick on our Black Friday STEM toy list. This awesome little guy is designed to teach kid the basics of coding. There are two different options for doing this, a drag and drop interface and text-based coding with the Cozmo SDK for more advanced stuff. For younger kids, there are also lots of fun games and other ways to interact with Cozmo. The downside here compared with the other two is there is no physical building involved.

Cozmo black friday price prediction

We’ve seen some good Cozmo Black Friday deals since the little robot came out a couple years ago. Both years in a row Cozmo has been discounted around 30% on Black Friday, so we are expecting the same for 2018. There are also some limited edition models in blue and black, but we are unsure what Black Friday Cozmo robot deals will be available on these.


Anki Vector Robot


6 new from $249.99
Free shipping
Last update was in: May 20, 2019 4:16 pm

Ever since the release of Cozmo, things went a bit quiet on the Anki front. Not anymore though! The new Vector robot from Anki was released this fall and the little guy was definitely worth the wait. Although he may appear similar to Cozmo in terms of the way he looks from the outside, he features massively upgraded hardware which will really increase it’s potential. This includes a 4x faster processor and WIFI connectivity for onboard computing! No more companion device needed.

Vector Robot Black Friday & Cyber monday deals

But all these upgrades do come at a cost, and Vector certainly has a premium price tag. Especially when you consider that the SDK for creating custom software is only out in Beta sometime during the New Year! That said, if there were some Vector Robot Black Friday deals from Anki it would become that little more affordable. Due to how new it is, we are unable to make any solid predictions, but given that Cozmo was discounted on Black Friday just after its release 2 years ago, we have our fingers crossed for Vector.


Lego Boost


$159.95 $159.99
6 new from $159.95
Free shipping
Last update was in: May 20, 2019 4:16 pm

Lego Boost is a popular kit from Lego for kids and young teens to learn basic coding, robotics and design. This multi award winning set is one of our top STEM toys to watch this Black Friday. The kit was released mid-summer last year, but there were no Lego Boost Black Friday discounts due to how new it was. Another year on, we are hoping Lego will put out some offers on this fantastic educational robotics kit. We’ll be tracking Lego Boost Black Friday deals and updating this page with anything we find!Lego boost black friday


Lego Mindstorms


$310.94 $349.99
44 new from $310.94
Free shipping
Last update was in: May 20, 2019 4:16 pm

Similar to Boost, Mindstorms is another educational robotics kit from Lego. However, it is targeted at an older age group and features more complex and fiddly components. The coding aspect is also stepped up a notch, as with Boost it is done with a graphical drag and drop interface, but Mindstorms also offers text-based coding for more complex programs. This allows you to build more advanced machines and contraptions, for example one user built a functioning lifesize BB8!

Lego mindstorms black friday & Cyber monday sales

This STEM toy has been out for many years now, but Lego have been reluctant to put out Black Friday deals on Mindstorms as far as we can see. Despite offer significant discounts in the infamous ‘Brick Friday’. Will 2018 be any different? Too early to say, but we’ll be updating this page with any Lego Mindstorms Black Friday deal news on this awesome STEM toy.


Snap Circuits


Snap circuits Black Friday & Cyber monday discounts

Snap Circuits is a super popular kit from Elenco designed to teach kids all about electronics and circuitry. The electronics components are all modular, with no soldering required. All kids have to do is snap them into the place on the circuit board base to create awesome working circuits, with guides included in the set for tons of projects.

Last update was on: May 20, 2019 4:16 pm

We love this kit and are predicting Black Friday Snap Circuits deals are a good possibility. There are lots of sets in the range, so we think it’s likely that at least some will be discounted. On the entry-level Jr. SC-100 kit past sales suggests there could be 40% Snap Circuits Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts. Similarly, we think there could be around 30% off on the SC-300 kit and up to 40% off on the premium SC-750.

Kano Computer Kit

$148.28 $249.99
3 new from $148.28
Last update was in: May 20, 2019 4:16 pm

Kano are one of the most popular makers of build your own computer kits for kids. Similar to Snap Circuits, the parts are modular and so do not require soldering when putting together the kit. The assembly is guided through an illustrated manual and is relatively easy due to the snap-together nature of the parts. Next, kids can get an introduction to the world of coding through building their own software via interactive projects and challenges.

Kano Computer kit black friday & cyber monday

The company have already confirmed that around 33% will be taken off the Kano computer kit on Black Friday, but we are unsure of whether the same discounts will be available on Cyber Monday yet. There is also the possibility that stocks could sell out, so we’d advise going for Kano Computer Kit discounts on Black Friday to avoid disappointment.

STEM Toy Black Friday Summary

That concludes our Black Friday STEM Toy list for this year. There are some great options out there for developing a whole load of STEM skills. We’ll be sure to post any deals we find right here too, so return for the latest updates!