Best STEM Subscription Box

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If you want your kid(s) to stay excited about STEM, a subscription box is a great way to go. Your child will get an exciting project in the mail at regular intervals, ensuring that there is always something fun and exciting for them to do.

Even better, a STEM box subscription takes the pressure off you. We all know what it's like to have good intentions to get STEM-ing with the kids, but it takes time and the right headspace to come up with ideas, let alone source the materials and then guide them through the project or experiment.

There is no shortage of subscription boxes out there. Our number one pick for STEM would be the MEL Science Chemistry set subscription, particularly for kids 10 and over. However, every child is different, so read on to find the best STEM subscription box for your little STEMist.

Our Rating:

  • Best for Learning: Chemistry, Scientific Experimentation


Perhaps you’ve tried a few science experiments at home with your child. These experiments are an excellent way for your child to get hands-on experience learning about science, but they can be time-consuming to plan, especially if they require many materials you don’t just have lying around the house. This is where the MEL Chemistry box comes in.

This box delivers two to three chemistry experiments to your front door every week. Each experiment is designed for at-home use and is very safe. MEL Science recommends their kits for children aged 10 and over, but younger kids can certainly take part, under adult supervision. There is educational information included in each kit, and you can use the mobile app or website to dig deeper into key concepts. Each kit includes everything you need for the experiments, including chemicals, components, and instructions.

Our Rating:

  • Best for Learning: STEM + Art


KiwiCo create a number of different STEM subscription boxes, catering to different ages and interests. Each month includes a themed box that is filled with a hands-on project to help children explore STEM + Art. The focus on including Art means these are better termed STEAM boxes.

Crate Name




Eureka Crate


Engineering & Design

Maker Crate


Art & Design

Tinker Crate


Science & Engineering

Doodle Crate


Create & Craft

Atlas Crate


Geography & Culture

Kiwi Crate


Science, Art & More

Koala Crate


Play & Learn

Panda Crate


Explore & Discover

Monthly themes are expanded through comics and games, which are included in the box. You can also check out online tutorials for exclusive DIY ideas if your child is interested in doing other STEM projects.

Our Rating:

  • Best for Learning: Diverse STEM Concepts


STEM Discovery Boxes - 6 Month Subscription - 18 Projects!

Designed for children seven and up, the STEM Discovery Boxes deliver three STEM projects to your door every month. Projects include things like creating a solar system model, coding, creating a solar-powered fan, and playing with lasers. It includes everything you need for the projects and experiments, including batteries.

This box subscription has a broader range of projects included than other options. This is great if you’re looking for your kids to be exposed to many different concepts. However, this also means that children might receive projects that aren’t very interested in from time to time. This box also includes more projects per month than most others, though it is more expensive as well.

Our Rating:

  • Best for Learning: Scientific Method


Blowing in the Wind

Groovy Lab in a Box sends themed STEM activities to subscribers every month. Each box includes everything children need to do this month’s projects – and we do mean everything. Each monthly theme is expanded on through the web-based learning section of the website, which can only be accessed by members. Each box also includes a lab notebook, which works in tandem with the online learning portal and guides the children through every project. The way each project is structured, plus the use of the lab notebook truly encourages kids to think like scientists.

Our Rating:

  • Best for Learning: Backyard Science


While the Green Kids Crafts box isn’t firmly centered around STEM activities, many projects included are science-based. There are boxes available for many different age groups. Each box has a specific theme, like the ocean or space. Each box includes science and art activities, as well as all the eco-friendly material you need to complete them. 

A STEM magazine is also included in each box, which expands this month’s theme through activities, puzzles, and outside resources. With the optional literary upgrade, the box will also include a book that goes along with this month’s theme.

A Subscription for STEM Fun and Learning

A STEM Subscription Box is a low-stress way for you to get more fun STEM learning activities into your kids lives every month. We all know that kids love novelty, and the great thing with boxes like those shown above, there's something new arriving in the post on a regular basis. Go ahead and try one out - these companies generally have very consumer-friendly policies, so you can normally suspend or cancel the ongoing subscription at any time. Any of the options highlighted above would keep most kids blissfully happy for hours, and that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your own face! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a STEM Box?

Many companies offer a subscription service where they will send a new box every month, that is filled with materials to undertake STEM projects.