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We may say this a lot, but we believe science to be quite an under-represented section of the STEM toy market. Probably due to the fact that there are a lot of new robotics and technology toys that steal the thunder! Regardless, there are still some very exciting and engaging science toys available that are great for encouraging a natural curiosity in kids. Below we recommend a variety of the best science toys for kids ranging from preschoolers to teens.

1.Primary Science Lab Activity Set

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  • Best for Learning: Basic Chemistry, Using Simple Lab Equipment.

  • Recommended Age: 4+ years.

This Lab Activity Set from Learning Resources is a great science toy for preschoolers to introduce them to basic science principles. The 12 piece set features large, colorful and easy to handle equipment including a beaker, funnel, magnifying glass, safe tweezers, goggles, one large and 2 small test tubes, flask and dropper.

In addition, it also comes with 10 simple activity cards to guide kids through simple and fun experiments. These include measuring out liquids, mixing them and exploring senses, which are great for building hand-eye coordination and motor skills in younger ones. Some basic household ingredients are not included but required for the experiments, such as lemon juice, food coloring and white vinegar. Nevertheless, we still think this is a great value kit for beginners.

2.Mind Blowing Science Kit

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  • Best for Learning: Basic Chemistry, Using Simple Lab Equipment.

  • Recommended Age: 6+ years.

The Mind Blowing Science Kit from Scientific Explorer is a great science toy for 6-year-olds and up to progress from the basic level of the set above. Using common household ingredients like baking soda, citric acid and corn starch, kids can learn about chemical reactions in a fun and safe way. Most of the ingredients needed are included, but you will need to purchase some extras for some of the reactions if you don’t already have them at home, such as grape juice and baking flour.mind blowing science kit componentsWhat we like about the Mind Blowing Science Kit is that the experiments are all designed to be inspiring and exciting, whilst still teaching kids science fundamentals about acids, bases and states of matter. This is taught through a detailed guide featuring 11 activities to get stuck into, which include erupting a volcano, various color changing experiments and making your own jiggly crystals!

What’s more, the kit also includes test tubes + stand, a pipette and measuring scoops. So kids can also learn the basics about some common pieces of equipment found in labs, as well as get some practice using them.

We love this kit and think it is one of the best science toys for inspiring budding scientists! In addition, there are lots of other similar kits in the Scientific Explorer collection for further expanding the learning experience.

3.Educational Insights Sprout & Grow WindowBest plant biology science toy for kids

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  • Best for Learning: Plant Biology Basics.

  • Recommended Age: 5+ years.

Similar to Scientific Explorer, Educational Insights are another company well known for its science toys. The idea behind the Sprout & Grow Window is a simple one, kids fill the window with soil and then plant the included pea and bean seeds. Next, they will need to water them regularly and then observe as the plants grow.

As the window is transparent, they can observe the seeds germinate and sprout underneath the soil, then watch the leaves and shoots emerge from the top! It also includes a guide with step-by-step instructions, activities and a journal for jotting down observations. We think this is one of the best science kits for kids interested in plant biology and botany, whilst still being super affordable.

4.Omano Juniorscope MicroscopeBest science toy for learning microscopy in 2018

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  • Best for Learning: Microbiology Introduction, Basic Microscopy.

  • Recommended Age: 8+ years.

There are tons of microscopes for kids on the market, ranging from budget to lab grade. However, when it comes to microscopes, we really think it is worth spending that little bit extra to get a decent piece of equipment with high-quality components and glass optics. This is because the clarity of images is likely to be a lot better, which ultimately results in a better and more inspiring learning experience for kids. Whilst still being very affordable, the Omano Juniorscope is one such microscope that we recommend for these exact reasons.

It may be designed for beginners, but the Juniorscope has a metal frame and an overall great build quality. Furthermore, with 40x, 100x, and 400x magnification, it really is more than a toy! Two lighting options allow kids to either illuminate from above – for viewing solid objects like insects, or from below – for observing things on slides such as cell structures.

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This might all sound a little complicated, but the kit also comes with The World of the Microscope Book to guide beginners through the basics and some other fun experiments. Kids can learn about the prepared slides that come with the set, as well as discover how to stain and prepare their own specimens using the rest of the included accessories.

You should note that batteries are required for operation (and yes they are included for once). Whilst this could be seen as a downside, it means that the microscope can be taken out into the yard for exploring! Overall, we really love this kit and think it is one of the best science toys for 8-year-olds and up to learn basic microscopy. However, we still think this is a good science kit for teens as well.

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5.Thames & Kosmos Physics WorkshopThames & Kosmos Physics Workshop is one of the best science kits in 2018 for learning mechanical physics

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  • Best for Learning: Mechanical Physics Basics, Engineering.

  • Recommended Age: 8+ years.

The final kit on our recommended list of the best science toys for 2018 is the Physics Workshop by Thames & Kosmos. Whilst physics principles are naturally entwined with STEM toys that have an engineering element to them, it’s quite rare to see a kit that focuses on this specific area of the sciences. However, we think if kids understand the hows and whys behind the models they are constructing it can ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of particular STEM fields.

The Physics Workshop is a kit that aims to teach kids the fundamentals of mechanical physics through building and experimenting with models, machines and contraptions. This is taught through a detailed, 64 page manual, which includes instructions for 36 builds.

Kids can start with the basics by building a pulley and learning about forces and simple machines. They can then move on to more advanced models such as a two speed crane, sail car and wind power plant! Through these more complex builds and others like them, kids can learn about forces, equilibrium, work, energy, centripetal force and more. This is an awesome and unique science toy for 8 year olds +, but if you are looking for a science toy for teens, there is also a Thames & Kosmos Physics Pro kit designed for older kids.

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