Best Quadcopter with Camera for Beginners in 2020

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If you’re looking to fly drones and take aerial photography, it is essential to purchase the right drone for your skill level. Drones can be expensive, and noone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a drone you aren’t going to be able to fly. Here are some of the best beginner quadcopters with cameras for both new adult hobbyists and children. 

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Best Beginner Quadcopters with a Camera in 2020

JJRC Quadcopter Drone is functional and durable but won’t break the bank like some other varieties. It can be flown from up to 40 minutes, which is enough to get some pretty cool shots. That’s also more than enough time for most older children and younger teens to get their fill of flying. The 720P camera comes on an anti-shake table to keep the pictures looking clear without much difficulty. 

Our favorite feature was the camera’s ability to connect to Wi-Fi and sync with your phone, allowing you to watch the video live while you’re flying. This is a massive help for beginners who are going to need help lining up shots. Because it uses Wi-Fi though, this feature only works where Wi-Fi is available. 

There are also a couple of built-in features that makes the JJRC Drone more comfortable to fly than most. It can take off and land with the click of a button and has an emergency stop function to prevent crashes. The speed is adjustable and there is a 3D flip button for a quick and easy trick. 

The Holy Stone 1080P HD Quadcopter Drone is a higher end model compared to the JJRC reviewed above. It comes with a few extra features that can make flying more fun and more accessible. It comes with a built-in GPS that relays accurate position details to your smartphone while you’re operating the drone. It also has a return-to-home feature, significantly decreasing the likelihood of a crash. This feature kicks in automatically, if the drone gets out of range or when the battery begins to run low. This is a fantastic feature for children who might not keep a close eye on the battery level while they’re flying. 

The Wi-Fi camera allows you to enjoy real-time viewing whenever a Wi-Fi signal is available. It also has a follow me mode, where it will follow the pilot around, keeping them in the camera at all times and providing hands-free flying.

This very user-friendly drone is the perfect option for beginners with no flying experience. SNAPTAIN WiFi FPV Drone features a one-button take off, land, and return feature. It even allows you to control it with your voice or draw a line on your smartphone to set the drone’s path. You can also control the camera with gestures, allowing you to take a picture by simply raising your hand. There isn’t an easier drone to fly on the market. These features allow even younger children to fly this drone accurately with minimal parental help. Plus, there are a couple of built-in tricks that are sure to excite any child. 

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With protective propeller guards, this drone is more durable than some of the other models we looked at. A sudden shock or drop should be nothing to this drone thanks to the high-quality ABS material. 

The only downside to this drone is that is can only fly for about ten minutes before the batteries need to be recharged. However, it does come with two battery packs, allowing you to charge one while you’re flying. In total, this brings fly time to about 20 minutes with a quick battery change in the middle.

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Which of these quadcopter drones would suit you best?

It may not be easy to pick the right one with just a glance. Thorough research and asking questions is highly recommended whenever you’re about to try something new. We hope this review helps in your decision, but please click the links and read some user reviews on Amazon to find out more first hand experiences. As a sign of their enthusiasm, some purchasers have even included video footage taken with their drones in their reviews!

Whether you’re a photographer, wannabe videographer or simply want to dip your feet into the drone world, getting a quadcopter with a camera is a great way to go. Not only are these machines fun to fly, but they also very useful. They allow you to survey areas from overhead and get pictures at angles you wouldn’t be able to accomplish otherwise.

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