Active Toys for 4-Year-Olds: Screen-Free Fun and Learning

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In this modern age of innovation and automation, parents and tutors seek the best means to give children a head start in life to achieve their goals. From the invention of code-teaching caterpillars, colorful chemistry kits, and magnet making kits, STEM toys are a great way to lay a solid foundation for your child’s developmental and cognitive skills. And what could be better than STEM-focused, active toys for your 4-year-old?

STEM toys can simply be defined as learning toys, games, and activities that aid the development of Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math Skills. While they are great screen-free options for building your child’s early interest in STEM, these educational toys also aid continuous development, interest, and engagement in the world around them. STEM toys range from toddler age groups, preschoolers, tweens, and teenagers to adults as well. In this article, we’ll place our focus on Active STEM toys for 4-year-olds (preschool age range).

While it is hard to recommend just one, we have no doubt that the LoyToys Building Blocks will be a hit with any 4-year-old, giving them all sorts of learning and creativity options while staying active.

However, we have a couple of other great options for you, so read on to see our recommended active toys for 4-year-olds:

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1. LoyToys Building Blocks

Our Rating:

  • Best for Learning: Creativity, Fine Motor & Sensory Skills, Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking

  • Recommended Age: 4 – 7  years

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LoyToys Educational Engineering Building Blocks & Gears Set, 80 Piece for age 4-7 Boys & Girls. Best Gift, STEM Toy- Promote Hand & Eye Coordination, Fine Motor Skills & Creativity. Storage Bag Incl.

This toy has 80 construction blocks that allow your little engineer to create anything they envision. This toy promotes your kids’ hand and eye coordination, and it spurs their creative imagination. In buying this STEM toy for your 4-year-old, you are helping them cultivate their sensorimotor skills. And the best thing is that this build-create-play set is 100% safe for your little angel to use. All the plastic blocks are non-toxic and BPA-free. This fun toy is great for open-ended play, helping kids to develop their problem solving and critical intellect.

Hape Flexistix STEM Building Creativity Kit, Featuring 133 Multi-Colored Bamboo Pieces

This STEM Building Creativity Kit is a great open-ended educational toy set created by Hape. Kids have the opportunity to create, play and learn at the same time with eco-friendly bamboo pieces. They can harness the power of their imagination and build towers from their own resourceful designs. Or they can recreate real-life towers and structures, such as the Eiffel Tower or a bridge in your hometown, using the multi-colored easy-to-connect sticks.

This innovative STEM toy is manufactured using sustainable bamboo, paint that is water-based, and silicone. It is completely safe for 4-year olds to play with, and this toy can help develop their young, creative minds.

Meland Marble Run - 122Pcs Marble Maze Game Building Toy for Kid, Marble Track Race Set&STEM Learning Toy Gift for Boy Girl Age 4 5 6 7 8 9+ (102 Translucent Marbulous Pcs & 20 Glass Marbles)

This Marble Run Sets is a wonderful toy that both children and parents (😀) can play with. It makes a perfect playtime activity for family members of all ages, to strengthen their bond. There are no rules in using this colorful toy. Kids can enhance their creative imaginations and make their own designs while learning engineering concepts and the way that gravity works! They can develop their strategy skills and learn to build artistic marble tracks from their own imaginations.

Keep kids engaged and learning with STEM boxes!

Keep the kids learning and having fun with engaging activities. No need to brainstorm ideas or hunt for materials – it’s all done for you!

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This STEM toy helps children improve their hand-eye coordination, recognition of shapes and colors, and rational thinking. The pieces connect easily, thus avoiding the frustration that comes with many toys aimed at this age, and allowing you some peace and quiet if you have things to do. The pieces are easy to clean if there are any spills. Plus, it is absolutely safe for kids to use because it is 100% non-toxic.

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Why Try Active STEM Toys for Your 4-Year-Old?

Let’s see…

  1. STEM toys can provide a screen-free mode of learning that encourages children to use their hands to put things together and can carry out fun experiments.
  2. They develop and encourage an early interest in activities at a very crucial time in a child’s development.
  3. They promote early critical thinking, purpose-driven work, fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination in children.
  4. The use of the engineering tool kit promotes creativity and spatial skills in children, helping them bring their imaginations to life.
  5. The early introduction of children to active toys, especially around the age of four, helps them develop divergent thinking, which encourages them to seek various ways of fixing problems they encounter.

Kids playing with active toys

Those are just some of the reasons why you must try active STEM toys. For more great toy ideas for your preschooler, check out our preschooler STEM toy guide, featuring everything from code-teaching caterpillars (a crowd favorite) to learning about plants and nature with a botany experimental greenhouse!

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  1. Excellent choice of toys. A child is in preschool age when he reaches 4 year old and hence it is important to buy toys that introduce him to letters numbers and basic language skills. It is also good to include simple puzzles and educational toys that encourage brain development and learning.

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