"The average salary of engineering & computing jobs is around $84,000, roughly 75% higher than the national average of about $48,000."


"The number of STEM jobs are predicted to grow by 17% in the next decade, whilst technological progression is eroding many jobs in other sectors"


"U.S. millennials ranked dead last out of 19 countries tested in problem solving with technology."


The Importance of STEM Toys

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills are essential building blocks for success in the modern world. In an era when 47% of U.S. jobs risk being replaced by automation and robotics, STEM jobs are set to show robust growth. In order to remain employable in this rapidly changing world, it is critical that we develop these skills in our kids today. But how? The answer is STEM toys.

Learn With Play

STEM toys are toys which are both educational and fun. They develop lateral thinking and problem solving skills, and help build the foundations for a career in STEM fields. Ranging from building your own robots and learning to program, to constructing towers and vehicles, to erupting volcanoes and looking down the microscope, there is something for everyone!

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